fish in a bottle

I worked at digital agency fish in a bottle for 18 months around 2006. We were mainly producing either educational or entertainment based games for the BBC. The images here were all for 2 BBC JAM projects, which were aiming to help kids learn french through the power of point and click adventure games. I was responsible for all the background artwork and animations. They were all initially hand drawn and them modelled in swift3d which was a rendering engine which produced vector based oput into flash.

One of the biggest projects I worked on there was the web portal for the TV show HEROES, which was a series of games all based around the characters in the TV show. This was great to work on as I got to do a lot more character modelling than I had previously done and was responsible for all the character models for the game, as well as rigging them for animations. 

I also worked on several other projects, including the tractor tour for massey fergusson and a couple of Dr who games including Into the Vortex for whwhich I did both the artwork and the programming.