Posted On: August 23, 2009
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Yay ! We finally finished Cyclomaniacs this week, been in production for 6 solid week since the end on June. A slightly strange one as it was originally meant to be a bike/puzzle game follow up to water werks. After the initial prototype Jules (Longanimals) knocked up it was clear that it was just great fun doing wheelies and somersaults so the game changed tack and we decided to make it more like a stunt race. It was also going to be motorbikes initially but I decided I wanted pedalling, just to create a bit of work for myself so we went for bikes rather than motorbikes.

It was probably the most fun game to work on as I didn’t do much artwork on the computer, I drew everything in pencil then scanned it in and just put it through vector magic, which created a really nice hand drawn look and also in my own cartoon style rather than being quite generic. We also decided at an early stage to just go with every crazy idea that we came up with. The end level is a skateboarding haddock chasing a clown, I have no idea why it just seemed like a goo thing to do at the time.

It was sponsored and launched on Kong a few days ago and they do seem to really have got into it, I know several players who have spent hours at a time which is really nice to see, I was pretty confident it was good as I found myself glued to it which making it, but you never really know until the game is released.

People keep asking about the music in the game so here’s a list of composers / tracks.

  1. The haddock chase music – “El Boogie” by Jeremy Sherman
  2. Title Music – “Real Pulp” by Julio Kladinew
  3. Game Music 1 – “Free Spirit” by Pierre Gerwig Langer
  4. Game Music 2 – “On the Road” by Pierre Gerwig Langer
  5. Game Music 3 – “Rebirth” by Darko Saric
  6. Game Music 4 – “Sweet Snarl” by Darko Saric