Cyclomaniacs 2

Cyclomaniacs 2

Posted On: August 22, 2011
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Cyclomaniacs 2, the sequel to the smash hit game of 2009, with over 75 million plays. The first game had been phenomenally successful for us and I think is in the top 20 played games of all time on Kongregate.

Yes it’s taken almost 2 years to make, but we finally finished it. We havent actually been working on it for 2 year I add, the development period has been around 3 months part time while making other games. I met up with Jules (longAnimals), about 4 months ago before we started to go through and think of some ideas for the sequel, we wanted to make a game which was better than the original but not just the same game with different levels / characters.

We came up with the idea of setting it in a theme park, which was called ‘Ninja World’ where all the locations of the races would be set.  robotJAM was actually a character in the first CycloManiacs game, and so this time we added LongAnimals as well and they were both the super villains who would be providing the bad guys for you to race against. I also didn’t want to repeat the same old boring menus we had in the first one as it really was a bit of an overkill of menus, so I tried to make every screen an actual environment which really was quite ambitious in terms of design as it required a lot more planning and tweaking of assets as and when they went in. I’m really pleased with the results though as it does feel much more like an actual world rather than just being a conventional driving game.

Through the project as the headquarters and research lab came together it really seemed to be begging to be turned into a bit of a point and click puzzle game, and some dressing items really lent themselves to be mini games, this really did add a bit of time into the project but again it really did bring it together, almost everything you see does something. We also had a lot of feedback throughout the project from people who beta/alpha tested the game and we did keep adding people’s suggestions in, it was nice to have a pretty good idea the game would be a hit as we were a lot less precious about the time taken to make the game than we usually are.

I also decided we needed some cut scenes for some of the story and really wanted to expand on the Cyclo King character a bit more, so I employed Reade McCardell again, this time to do all the VO work, Reade is a DJ and musician amongst other things and has a pretty cool radio show on G-town radio. Reade had previously done sound effects for toxers/dreamerz and also provided the end tune for Synapsis 2 with the band he was in, Fresh Cut Salads. The cut scenes I kept fairly simple as they never get watched that much but they did add something to the story of the game and overall craziness of the whole thing.